What’s great about

the Beech 1900D?

The Beech 1900 Airliner is clearly the best 19 passenger airliner in the world. It offers the best operating value, the best dispatch reliability, the lowest number of maintenance hours per flight hour, unsurpassed seat mile costs and superior long-term value retention.

It offers a true stand up cabin of 1,8m and an extra generous cabin volume which allows a range of cabin configurations including a 19 passenger seat airliner, an efficient freight carrier or combi and a 12-place triple club corporate flagship.

No other aircraft in its class can carry so much, so far, so fast.

Max cruise speed(327 mph) 284 kt526 km/h
Certified ceiling25,000 ft7,620 m
Max range1,202 nm2,226 km
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67D1,279 shp
Base operating weight (Std, BEW plus two pilots at 200 lb)10,790 lb4,899 kg
Useful load6,440 lb
Dimensions (external)
Wingspan57 ft 11 in17.65 m
Max airplane length57 ft 10 in17.63 m
Max tail height14 ft 11 in4.55 m
Dimensions (internal) cabin
Length25 ft 3 in7.70 m
Width4 ft 6 in1.37 m
Height5 ft 11 in1.80 m

Dry leasing a Beech 1900D

the Awesome touch:


  • Contracts are specific to the client’s needs.
  • Our aircraft are delivered fully compliant and ready to go to work.
  • Monthly lease payments commence upon delivery, freeing operator cash-flow.
  • Our aircraft are subjected to extensive pre-delivery compliancy checks including fresh phase inspections, cosmetic refurbishment, MSB and AD compliance and a thorough all systems serviceable check.
  • Engine HSI and Engine Overhauls, Propeller Overhauls and Landing Gear Overhauls are covered via hourly Provisions, preventing costly blow-outs to the operator.
  • Operators are placed in direct contact with Awesome Aviation’s network of suppliers, OEM and factory support, ensuring cost-effective “at source” parts procurement.
  • Operator clients are never alone with *Awesome 24/7 Product Support.
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