We are seasoned and highly experienced lessors of aircraft and operators are assured they will be working with a team that understands the aviation leasing model intricately. Our management team comprises experienced pilots, operators and business professionals who have many collective years of operational flying experience, as well as flight training and instructional experience. Our team members are extremely passionate about all aspects of aviation, providing valuable insight and knowledge to our clients where required.

aircraft dry leasing

Leasing is a popular preference, enabling the operation of aircraft without the financial burden of ownership and providing a profitable increase in capacity. Our operator clients experience real value-added leasing, with initial aircraft leases usually transcending into multiple aircraft leases.


Why our customers choose dry leasing

  • Dry Leasing frees up capital and allows their business to grow
  • It affords flexibility as aircraft requirements change
  • It mitigates risk
  • We also provide excellent Sale and Leaseback opportunities


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