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We lease aircraft into special missions contracts and for over two decades, we leased a fleet of air ambulance jets into aeromedical operations that operated in Africa, into the Middle-East and Europe.

We have vast experience in the aeromedical field and are able to supply suitably equipped aircraft to operators to meet their specific needs. Over 30,000 flight hours of air ambulance work, comprising thousands of flight missions, have been undertaken on our leased aircraft.

We look forward to discussing your aeromedical and special missions aircraft requirements with you.

Beech 1900D Air Ambulance

The highly versatile Beech 1900D is able to be configured for air ambulance solutions using the existing seat tracks as stretcher mounts and can carry multiple patients where required.  The air conditioned cabin ensures a comfortable and quiet environment for concentrated patient care and  the pressurised cabin allows for the patient to be carried in a low cabin altitude environment or even at a sea level altitude where required.

The Beech 1900D has several other advantages and is an ideal regional platform due to its:

  • Ability to operate from relatively short runways, as well as from grass or rough strips
  • Easy patient loading
  • Multi-role capability
  • Full stand up cabin
  • Rugged dependability
  • Reliability record
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67D engines
  • Max cruise speed up to 526 km/h
  • Exceptional Hot and High performance

Embraer 120 Airliner

By 1994, the Embraer 120 was the most popular regional aircraft in the world. With its super critical wing and pressurized cabin, the 30-seat Brasilia set new standards for commuter aircraft when it entered commercial service in 1985. A success, first in the USA, the airplane also became the mainstay of fleets of airlines in Australia and the South Pacific. 352 Brasilias were built and delivered to 33 operators before production ended.

The special missions missile protected Embraer 120 was the first civilian aircraft to be fitted with the SAAB CAMPS (Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System) and has operated successfully with the system since 2007.

Range:1,575 km
Speed:480 km/hr
Crew:2 Pilots – 1 Cabin Crew

Key features of the SAAB CAMPS equipped Embraer 120:

  • Highest level of operational safety assured with protection against MANPADS
  • Capacity to track up to eight missiles launched simultaneously
  • Safe and affordable maintainability
  • Low operating costs
  • Highly flexible design
  • Fully compliant with Wassenaar Arrangement regulations
  • Pax or Medevac combi options


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