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Expect more than others think is possible.

Dieter Ebeling

Dieter “Dee” Ebeling
CEO | Awesome Aviation Group

Dieter founded Awesome Aviation in 1989 and has extensive experience in all aspects of aviation.  He is responsible for the vision, guidance and long-term financial health of the company. His hands-on leadership approach to business ensures that he is always present at the coalface and therefore able to respond swiftly and effectively to the changing needs of the company and those of its customers.

Apart from his management responsibilities, Dieter is the direct interface for aircraft leasing, aircraft acquisition and business development.  He also serves as Executive Chairman of the ACMI operations company, FlyAwesome.

He is type-rated on all of the company's aircraft and has extensive flight experience as a commercial pilot. A past Unlimited Class National Aerobatic Champion and World Championship competitor, Dieter's passion for aviation and in particular for Awesome Aviation, injects a vibrant energy into the company.


Samantha Prentice

Sam Prentice
Logistics Director | Awesome Aviation Group

Sam is highly experienced in aviation logistics and maintenance management. Her portfolio entails overseeing that the company's aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, that maintenance scheduling is optimised and that AOG is minimised. Sam has extensive Jet and Turbo-prop flight experience which was accumulated spending two decades as a Training Captain and test pilot within the FlyAwesome ACMI flight operations.

Her broad knowledge of aircraft maintenance management practices combined with her extensive flight experience afford her acute insight into securing logistics solutions to the daily challenges faced by our operator clients. Sam brings a culture that ensures that the company's aircraft are operated in accordance with best practices that warrants lower long-term operating costs and operator benefit. The unusually high dispatch reliability of the Awesome Aviation fleet bears testimony to Sam's abilities.


Martin Banner

Martin Banner
Director | Awesome Asset Securities | Awesome Flight Logistics | FlyAwesome

Martin is the CEO of NAC and he brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the global aircraft leasing companies within the group. Serving as a director on the boards of these entities, Martin adds strategic and valuable input, lending invaluable advantage to the Awesome Aviation lease company. Martin has an integral involvement in the acquisition of aircraft for the companies’ lease fleet and has extensive experience with dealing in international business environments.

During 2004, the first JV asset ownership company between NAC and the Awesome Aviation Group, Awesome Flight Logistics was formed, with subsequent integration of Awesome Asset Securities Australia into the aircraft leasing portfolio as well as the integration of NAC’s International Contracts division into the FlyAwesome value-added ACMI flight operations. Martin holds a B.Comm, Economics and Business Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand and UNISA and maintains a Private Pilot’s Licence and Instrument Rating.


Hennie Smit

Hennie Smit
Executive Director Finance | Awesome Asset Securities | Awesome Flight Logistics

Hennie is the Executive Director of Finance and is responsible for the overall financial health of the various asset ownership and operating entities.  Hennie is an Honours, B.Compt, MIBA, CPA (SA) graduate and is an expert in tax matters.

Having joined NAC as Executive Director: Finance after a successful career at Safair, Hennie has over 27 years of experience in the aviation industry and is an integral part of the team.



Joey Shekleton

Joey Shekleton
Group Accountant | Awesome Aviation

Tracking and accounting for a fleet of aircraft positioned across continents with regionally represented subsidiaries and operators is no easy task. This extremely demanding function is managed by Joey who has exceptional back-end skills and acute insight into all aspects of the accounting function within the environment.

Not only does this entail keeping abreast of dynamic accounting requirements, it also requires dealing with local statutory authorities in regions where Awesome Aviation is active.  As  Group Accountant she oversees all aspects of the accounting and bookkeeping functions within the organisation.