Aircraft Leasing

Quality aircraft


Beneficial lease terms


Superior value-added product support

Our operator clients experience real value when leasing from Awesome Aviation with initial leases usually transcending into multiple aircraft leases. Your success is our success.
  • Dry Leasing frees up capital and allows your business to grow
  • It affords flexibility as aircraft requirements change
  • It mitigates risk

Awesome Aviation Leasing

  • Awesome Aviation aircraft are delivered fully compliant and ready to go to work
  • Our aircraft are subjected to extensive pre-delivery compliancy checks including fresh phase inspections, cosmetic refurbishment, MSB and AD compliance and a thorough all systems serviceable check
  • Monthly lease payments commence upon delivery, freeing operator cash-flow
  • Engine HSI and Engine Overhauls, Propeller Overhauls and Landing Gear Overhauls are covered via hourly Provisions, preventing costly blow-outs to the operator
  • Operators are placed in direct contact with Awesome Aviation's network of suppliers, OEM and factory support, ensuring cost-effective "at source" parts procurement
  • Operator clients are never alone with *Awesome 24/7 Product Support